Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hemlock Closure Follow Up

Thanks to DH for his responses to my earlier blog about the closure of Hemlock Overlook as a team building facility. It appears you have some inside knowledge but to the general public June 30, 2009 seems to be the end. The web page "Save Hemlock" is a great attempt to inform and show that the industry and locals to Hemlock care about another great team building resource potentially going to the wall.

Good luck in your efforts and let me know if I can help I anyway.
-Clive Felgate

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hemloch Overlook Closure

Has anyone else heard that the Hemlock Overlook operation is closing in June 2009?
Personally I don't beleive that the DNR state park will find a new partner to help them throgh this difficult transition in the coming year and I am back up in this thought by the fact that they are not taking bookings passed June.
Now we have all those clients scuttling Hemlock Overlook to the other ropes course vendors for a make do for this season.
We at Upward Enterprises run a very different Team Building program that uses the much larger ropes course to its full potential in an Experiantial Learning capacity. Yes our rates can be higher and generally the programs are longer and Rome was not built in a day. To know this you must visit the site and experience the programs.
Are you game?