Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Team Building at Upward

Last week a group of employees from The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs Friends School came out to our UEI's ropes course for some good old fashion team building. We went through our communication building and trust exercises and at the end of the day, everyone in the Adventure Park group walked away with a renewed synergy.

Both of our facilities have rope climbing and zip lines but our programs are very different. Where Sandy Spring provides pure adventure and adrenaline, Upward Enterprises provides the component of team building with a facilitator. We are geared for groups while they are more of an amusement park where individuals can explore independently.

Clive exploring The Adventure Park
In return, this week we were invited to The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School to have a day of fun. It was a challenge for our staff and a good break from the busy back to school team building season for incoming students from the around the Washington Metro area.

Thank you, Adventure Park for trusting Upward Enterprises with your team building training and for a great day at your facility as well.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Animals Have Problem Solving Skills Too

At the ropes course we frequently play problem solving games like "pass the hoop" to teach teams to work together. But humans don't have a monopoly on problem solving skills. This video below is of a crow named 0007 using his pint-sized brain to figure out how to get a piece of food out of a box is amazing.

So whenever you run into a problem, don't get frustrated and give up trying. Just remember, if a crow can figure out 8 separate problem solving stages, so can you.