Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Company Picnic at Smokey Glen Farm with UEI

Next week, April 2, 2013 is the annual Smokey Glen Farm Trade Fair. It was originally going to be this week but with the cold weather, they decided to postpone the event. Upward Enterprises has had a long and rewarding relationship with Smokey Glen. It's a great picnic facility and we highly recommend Jim Sweet and his staff to put on a memorable event for you group.

For over 10 years, UEI has been the exclusive operator of the double zip line at the Pavilion. We also offer portable rock climbing wall rental as an additional event. We can even bring our portable team building program out to Smokey Glen. The Trade Fair is always a fun day, where we get to meet our old clients and hopefully make new ones. We will have the zip and wall running for you to test your adventurous side while Smokey Glen will have the barbecues fired up to serve samples of their delicious food.

So come out if you can to meet Clive and the staff at Upward Enterprises. The crew will be out there from 10am to 1pm. Yum, I can smell the chili and hot dogs cooking now!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NCAA Tournament Madness or Team Building Opportunity?

Even if you aren't a basketball fan, most people have heard of the NCAA men's basketball tournament otherwise know as "March Madness". 45% of Americans plan on watching some of the tournament and/or participating in an group pool to pick the winner. For the first week of the tournament most of the action occurs during office hours. Employers can either get upset at this unproductive time employee spend to follow the games or take a different approach and embrace the madness.

Here at Upward Enterprises we always like to encourage fun ways organizations can build camaraderie. Its something we do every day at our ropes challenge course. The NCAA tournament won't be at our ropes course (oh well) but companies can use the NCAA tournament as a team building event that boosts moral among workers. And if your employees want to start an office pool, how about this great idea of skill swapping?  It sounds like a great way to get you know your fellow co-workers and isn't that part of what corporate team building is about?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March, in like a Lion

As I work to prepare our ropes course in Buckeystown Maryland for the upcoming outdoor team building season which begins in full force the end of March, mother nature is here to remind us that winter is not yet gone. Tonight and tomorrow it is predicted that we will get anywhere from 8-14 inches of snow. Will this be another Snowmageddon like that occurred in 2010? If you do find yourself snowed in tomorrow, break out the Guinness and enjoy a little winter music. Enjoy the break while you can. I hear that by next Monday, the temperatures will be back up into the 50's and I will be back out at the course getting the canopy tour and high elements ready for your next event.

Antonio Vivaldi - Four Seasons Winter born on March 4th 1678