Corporate Team Retreats

Enhance team interaction between all departments of your workforce by strengthening connections and creating bonds that benefit the whole organization. Upward Enterprises Inc. (UEI) will provide the tools and vehicle for experience-based training and development.

Our goal at UEI is to empower the individual and the team to improve the working environment. Using proven creative methods of facilitation and training, UEI excels in customizing your programs to meet your goals within your budget. We offer the flexibility of working within a conference room, a local facility or retreat center of your choosing.

UEI corporate team building offers a variety of packages:  
  • Low and high challenge course at our Buckeystown facility with the addition of professional conference rooms and chef created meals at the Claggett Dining Hall with beautiful views overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain and the valley
  • Portable and desktop team building at your location or company picnic

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